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One of my most loved hobbies is to express my feelings through painting on canvas. I have digitalized some of my drawings and created a small website to display them to the public. Here you see a short subset of some of them. If you’re interessed in more you can visit https://art.kimhauser.ch where you can see all of my digitalized paintings.

Cover Image of my Website Yet very simple but one of my favourites

All this images represent my own personal work and are only online available to the public. © 2011-2022 by Kim David Hauser.

Copying / Downloading Images

You like some of the images and want them for yourself in your private project (free or paid doesn’t matter)? It would be my pleasure to encourage you to download them and use them for whatever you like. Please just make sure to put some credits informtion into your work refering to me and my website (https://kimhauser.ch or https://art.kimhauser.ch) - Thank you!

Please include credits info somehow like following in your project using my art.

Art (img69.jpeg) (c.) 2011 - 2022 by DaVe, Kim David Hauser https://kimhauser.ch

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.