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3D Effects (Wormholes rendered)


WormHole Effect - No03 WormHole Effect - No03

Here you’ll find 3D Effects created - most of them with Blender 3.2.2 - by me. They are animated and available as .blend files as well as movie version ready for download. All files are licensed on a “as is” basis and come with no warranty of any kind. But if you have any question, problem or feedback please feel free to contact me via kim@kimhauser.ch or visit https://kimhauser.ch

Wormhole Effects - Blender only with Torus and shaders

This is another Blender Project featuring a different kind of wormhole effect made with a centered torus and a animated camera as well as some shader effects as texture for the wormhole. Check it out - you can download the rendered video file or the source Blender file and adjust the settings as you like and do with it anything you want.

Github repos with Blender project files


WormHole Effect - Lila and Green

Rendered Wormhole - Only with Blender - Torus (Lila / Green)

Wormhole Effects - First try

WornHole Effect No02

WormHole Effect No02

WornHole Effect No03

WormHole Effect No03

WornHole Effect No04

WormHole Effect No04

WornHole Effect No05

WormHole Effect No05

WornHole Effect No06

WormHole Effect No06

WornHole Effect No07

WormHole Effect No07

WornHole Effect No08

WormHole Effect No08

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